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Rising sun in the twenty first century is transforming the educational system, equipping it with new technologies and fresh democratic ideas in day to day affairs of schooling.

Shree Mahaveer Higher Secondary School was established byDasab Shri Kundanmalji Jain in 1973 . The institution has solid foundations embedded with rich value system and all set to prepare tiny tots fit for ultra-modern generation. The legacy of cultural heritage and vision for hight-tech ultra-modern society has to go hand-in-hand. It is therefor the dream and vision of the Management which provides sound financial background to the institution to be ever-ready for meeting the requirements of next generation.

Shree Mahaveer Higher Secondary School is a product of prolonged dream cherished by a child. It invites children and they feel at home. The definition of school is “a place to learn, to unlearn, to relearn, to forget, to forgive and to do, and re-do all without fear” which distinguishes it from other schools as the child is always at the center of its all endeavours.

Its fast growth is the result of its streamlined policies.

The student finds relief from the traditional methodology of teaching, exposure to the world of tomorrow, gets momentum to fight with the challenges and prepares himself to be competent individual without loosing affection for his own culture and motherland. Gurukul has wide collection of achievements to cheer in every field viz. academics, cultural, sports etc.

It is unique because it has been established with a pious thought to provide world class education and a healthy brain to village and rural students.

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